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For the past several months, ACME Farms + Kitchen has been making bi-weekly deliveries of fresh, local meal ingredients to a group of mothers and their children living in a transitional home owned and operated by Lydia Place. Delivery days have become a highly anticipated event among the residents and they look forward to preparing a delicious, nutritious meal to share as a family - just like you do each week when your delivery arrives.
Make a one-time donation or add as little as $4 to your order each week! These donations will be used to deliver more food to additional Lydia Place facilities and serve even more families.

Right now, we are delivering to one location every other week, feeding approximately 7 adults and 7 children. However, Lydia Place currently serves roughly 150 households and hundreds of families at any given time. With your support, we can do so much more!
For each $8 donated we can feed a mother and her child a meal made from nutritious, locally sourced food.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause!