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This is what we have all really been waiting for... great food for the littles in our lives. And don't think you need a little human to enjoy this!

This box will be curated weekly to fill your child up with fruit, veggies, a snack, lunch/dinner options, a veggie dip, and sometimes a special treat.

This week's box will include roughly 8-18 meals depending on if you are feeding a two-year-old or ten year old. And if you do have a child on the older end of the spectrum, this kit should make it simple for them to make their own lunches!

In this week's box::

Grilled Ham + Cheese {or Ham + Cheese Sandwich}, Pizza Rolls, Yogurt + Granola, Fruit, Veggies, Dip, and Seasoned Popcorn for a snack!

Your feedback is really important so please make sure to share what you love and what you think could be improved. 

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