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We just returned from an amazing weekend camping trip on Sucia Island with friends. It was a weekend filled with amazing natural beauty, good friends and great food thanks to my ACME boxes and a little bit of advanced planning. We split meal duties with another family so I was only responsible for half the meals. I brought along a Breakfast, a Dinner and 2 Lunches [I love dividing up cooking like this on group trips - it cuts down on the chaos and lets everyone pack more efficiently and have a few meals where they don't have to cook.]

In anticipation of the trip I ordered a Prepped Box, Turf Box and Beyond Basics Box. Here's how it all played out...

Thursday Night::  Prepped Meal #1 [Brandade Stuffed Peppers with Spanish Chickpea Salad]

I did some prep work Thursday night and Friday morning to make things simpler when we were out on the island.

Friday Morning:: Biscuits + Honey Butter made for a quick breakfast while we were packing up.

Friday Lunch:: We took the Chilled Noodle Salad from the prepped box to have for lunch on the boat ride out [I cooked and chilled the noodles that morning before we left and put them back into the containers]. It was great to have everything all set to go in containers so all I had to do was toss everything with the dressing and let people top with their own garnish.

 Saturday Lunch:: Tabouleh Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Feta. Before we left I cooked up a pot of bulgur, spread it out on a sheet pan to cool then transferred to a container for transport. I took along the tomatoes, cucumbers and feta from the Greek Salad part of the Prepped Box and the pesto from the Beyond Basics box along with 2 lemons and a jar of olive oil. At lunchtime I mixed everything together, squeezed some fresh lemon juice over top and drizzled with olive oil. It was the perfect healthy, no cook lunch and everyone devoured it. We took the peanut butter cookies from the Beyond Basics Box along on our hike!

Saturday Dinner:: As part of my prep work on Thursday night I made the dipping sauce for the Beef Kabobs and measured out the ingredients that I would need for the meat mixture. Friday morning I made the cucumber salad and loaded it into a ziplock bag. I left the meat frozen and let it defrost in the cooler. Saturday night I just mixed everything together, put it on skewers and grilled. I had also made the Zucchini Bake recipe from the Turf Box on Friday morning and transported that wrapped in a few layers of foil. We reheated it over the fire, cut it into cubes and served as little appetizers during our "happy hour". [somehow I forgot to take a picture of this meal]

Sunday Breakfast:: I made the yeasted waffles from the Bitter Baker mix in my Beyond Box. The dough was mixed together Thursday night, rose overnight and was "waffled" on Friday morning. They cooled quickly and then I broke them apart, stuffed them into bags and transferred them into the freezer until we were ready to go. My original plan was to toast these on sticks over the fire to reheat but we were too impatient [and hungry!] to wait around to get a nice bed of coals in the fire pit so we just lined the grill with foil and heated them that way. Waffles were served with the blueberries and nectarines from the Beyond Box as well as bacon, and butter and syrup of course. 

Now that we are back to reality I still have two Locavore Meals from my Turf Box and one of my Prepped Meals Left. I'll be all ready for new boxes on Thursday!

I was really proud of myself for getting my act together, making lists, being organized, and putting in the time beforehand to get the as much done as possible. It was definitely worth the effort on Thursday night and Friday morning so that I could enjoy my short time in Island Paradise. I also loved knowing that I wasn't missing anything and had everything on hand to cook delicious, yet simple, meals for my friends and family. 

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Sunset on Shallow Bay

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